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Report back from COAR’s annual meeting: celebrating a $4 million grant for the Notify Project

Last week I attended the annual COAR meeting held in Madrid and organised by DIGITAL.CSIC. It was by all accounts an exceptional event marked by two important reasons for celebration.

First, for most of us this was the first international face-to-face meeting after the pandemic, which may explain the significant increase in the average consumption of coffee and drinks, which is already quite high at these meetings!

In addition, we celebrated the announcement of a $4 million grant from the Arcadia Foundation to support the Notify Project. This is certainly a major milestone in the move towards a distributed network of institutional repositories to eventually replace commercial publishers, the founding vision of Open Scholar.

At the meeting, Isabel Bernal from DIGITAL.CSIC and I presented the use case of Psicologica, the journal of the Spanish Society for Experimental Psychology, as a diamond OA repository-overlay journal. Below are some links to read more about Notify and our work with the journal Psicologica.

COAR’s website dedicated to the Notify Project: //

Notify Documentation: //

Grant announcement on the Open Scholar website: //

Psicologica Journal: //

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