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How to upload your scientific software code to GitHub and get a DOI from Zenodo

This past weekend I had the pleasant experience of migrating my software KARDIA form its old home at the SourceForge repository to GitHub. Although the clearest benefit from this migration is the possibility to easier collaborate with other programers for the future development of the software, there are several other sweet candies that came along…

HEPLAB: Matlab scripts to facilitate heartbeat-evoked potential analysis

Last month my colleague Luis Ciria and I, gave a two-day workshop that focused on how to use the Matlab toolbox eeglab to create heartbeat-evoked events, extract epochs from the continuous EEG signal based on these events, and use Fieldtrip to perform a cluster-based permutation analysis to detect statistical differences between groups and conditions. The custom scripts we used at the workshop are freely available through the Zenodo repository.

The Laboratory for Network Physiology launches its official website

The Laboratory for Network Physiology directed by Plamen Ch. Ivanov recently launched its official website. Professor Ivanov, with whom I collaborate closely for the past six years, is leading a unique team of statistical physicists, neuroscientists, applied mathematicians and biomedical engineers that have as their mission to understand how organ systems dynamically interact and collectively behave as a network to produce health or disease. This coordinated effort proposes a new scientific field, Network Physiology, to probe the network of interactions among diverse physiologic systems.

La enseñanza a la calle…. (La Barraca Incendiada)

No permitamos más rejas, más señales de dirección obligatoria al sentido del pensamiento y las palabras. Surgió La Barraca en Granada para provocar pequeños incendios en inesperados interiores, en lugares sin importancia y apenas con nombre. La propia Barraca pudo ser calcinada por el odio de los generales y por la muerte silenciada de quienes no olvidaron, pero siempre permaneció latente en escondidas cenizas…

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